New Mind, New Body, NuXoul.

NuXoul has been an incredible project that started with just an idea of making a line of supplements. After an intensive marker research, we discover that women were the correct target audience and that it was important to create a brand just for them.

NuXoul, the new identity in the world of supplements!

We are excited to introduce our new line of supplements that are specially designed to cater to the needs of young women. This product line includes collagen, fat burner, and green detox supplements that are crafted with natural ingredients to give the best results.

The brand's unique identity is reflected in the packaging we designed, which features vibrant colors and elegant typography that will catch the eye of any discerning young woman.

NuXoul, understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have created these designs to help them achieve their goals. We wanted to connect with their target audience through and organic, yet energetic vibe.

Our mission as a design studio was to create a uniform design that could be applied to all product and make them part of a line.

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