A good brand design is a must if you want people's trust.

We design a la carte logos, websites and entire brand identities for food and drink businesses to make them stand out, gain trust and get stablished in this saturated market.

theBrandley slogan. Your Partner in Design
theBrandley slogan. Your Partner in Design

Healthy Choice Market / NYC

Healthy Choice is a market in New York City that after 11 years serving the community, the store wanted and needed to stand out from the multiple small-to-medium stores found in the same area.

They wished to let the customers know that they were keeping up with the times and that they were offering a cleaner option and way of living. TheBrandley created a beautiful brand -from the employee uniforms to the entire storefront- based in the “Health & Energy” concept that encourages people to live a lighter and stress free life.

They just opened their second location in the Bronx. Congratulations friends at Healthy Choice.

Kiyoshi Sushi Bar / NYC

Kiyoshi, a sushi bar in the heart of NYC needed a completely personalized brand identity that included their menu, postcards for tourists to take with them, logo, business cards for managers and signage for the front window. The Brandley created a unique and beautiful system using the coy fish as a supporting illustration and the sushi roll as the main and lead symbol.The color palette was carefully selected to portray mysteriousness, cleaninganess, attention to detail, sophistication and wealth.

Brand Attributes: Elegance, modernity, edgyness, oriental, contrasting, urban, sophisticated, design oriented.

* This project is a case study.

NuXoul - Brand Identity + Packaging

Bocadeli Fresh - Brand Identity

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